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Gucci Museum in Florence, Italy

18 Jul

Artrotter's Blog

Ten days ago, in Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence was inaugurated the Gucci Museum.

The building , located in the heart of Florence, on Piazza della Signoria, is a historical one, called della Mercanzia because it housed the Ufficio della Mercanzia, set up to protect the so-called Arti, which means Guilds.

Gucci, well known all over the world fashion firm, exposes in this prestigious space part of its vintage collection.
On the ground floor, the travelling collection, the starting point of Gucci’s history which is connected to the fact that when young, Guccio Gucci, the founder, worked as a lift boy in Savoy Hotel in London.
Marvelous cases and trunks mostly from the ‘60s to 80’s in all typical Gucci fantasies: GG fabric, waxed fabric,diamante fabric and materials: pigskin, suede, leather.
On the same floor an impressive Cadillac Seville Gucci edition from 1979,with a vinyl top covering with the double…

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Is JD Hancock really a cyborg?

11 Jul

iPad Tip ~ How to quickly delete blocks of text

10 Jul

Cperky's Blog

Just like a real computer, the iPad allows you to quickly delete blocks of text by highlighting what you want to delete first.

This can be done by holding down on a text field, pressing “Select”, and adjusting the sliders. After doing so, simply press backspace, and the highlighted text will be deleted.

Have fun with your iPad!


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iPad Tip ~ How to make text larger

10 Jul

Cperky's Blog

If you have trouble seeing the text in your Calendar, Contacts, Mail, Messages, and Notes apps, you can make it larger.

Just go to Settings -> General -> Accessibility -> Large Text, and choose your preferred text.

All text in the above apps will automatically be converted to the chosen size.

Have fun with your iPad!


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Avoid Unfriendly Office Competition

10 Jul

Cperky's Blog

There’s one in every office: a hypercompetitive colleague who stops at nothing to get every advantage over his peers. It’s tempting to try to one-up him and put him in his place, but that’s only likely to fuel his ambition further.

Instead, don’t participate in the rivalry. Continue to do your best work and expect to be recognized for it. React coolly to any criticism he hurls your way. If he says your report was subpar, for example, don’t take the bait. Ask dispassionately, “What makes you say so?” Invite others to offer their opinion, especially if you know they’ll back you up.

If you don’t engage with the competition, it will soon become clear to others that he has some kind of agenda.

Adapted from the HBR Guide to Office Politics.

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Train Your Tired Brain

10 Jul

Cperky's Blog

If you’re stressed out and tired, it’s hard to learn new things. Exercise, sleep, and a good diet are all essential for keeping your brain in peak condition, but you can also do the following to perform at your cognitive and creative best:

• Change perspectives.

Improve mental flexibility by rapidly trying on new points of view. This exercises your mind. For example, what would a potential customer think about this idea? Your boss? Your competitors?

• Reboot.

Take a break from work every hour, or more often if you’re already frazzled. Get out of your chair, water a plant, or just let your mind wander. These breaks recharge your brain.

• Summon a positive thought.

Negative emotions impair thinking, memory, creativity, and strategic thinking. Try to crowd out unconstructive thoughts with positive ones, which improve these capabilities.

Adapted from “Prepare Your Brain for Change” by Margaret Moore.

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Link Building Survey 2013 – The Results [INFOGRAPHIC]

10 Jul

Kamal Bennani Photography

Many of us faced a challenging 2012 and 2013 has been no different. Rankings were won and lost, a lot of bad links were removed and quite frankly a lot of businesses and departments had to be re-designed.

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