Tips for Writing an Effective Biography on Empire Avenue

20 May

I decided that one of the best ways for me to learn was to review the biographies of the top 100 people in EmpireAvenue. Then I decided that I should blog about Empire Avenue to really learn (and besides I needed to run a blog anyway). There are several types of information that people include in their EmpireAvenue biographies. I am going to explain what I think should be included and why:

Personal Information:

  1. People like to put a face to a name. With that in mind include as much or as little personal information as you desire.

Tips for Empire Avenue

  1. I know that I read the biographies hoping to discover tips and tricks to Empire Avenue. So I am sure others want to do the same.

How You Can Work With Me – To me information about how other individuals in Empire Avenue can benefit by working with you is perhaps the most important area to include in your biography.

  1. Do you want people to friend you on Facebook? Circle on Google +? Do you reciprocate?

What types of content should you include? Well that depends on what your goals are with Empire Avenue. Your goals should help you to frame what you should include.

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