How to Increase Your Network Score

15 May

Your dividends in Empire Avenue are determined by your score on your top 5 networks. I have heard many people say that additional networks can also help your dividends.

Good habits. What you need to do with Empire Avenue is make sure that you follow good habits. This will allow you to perform more “actions” in EmpireAvenue and will allow you to maximize your score in the least amount of time.


mansion (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Built up over time. I have heard that your score is based on the prior 14 days. Also heard it was over the prior 30 days.

To Do List. This is a list of things that I try to do to increase my score in Empire Avenue:

  1. Join communities. Interact in communities. Join communities that you find interesting. Then you will want to interact more.
  2. Shoutouts. Great way to interact with other people in
  3. Recommend stocks. This also leads to more people recommending you.
  4. Lists.
  5. Missions. I wrote an article with ideas for best practices on missions. Check it out. In short like the mission, comment on it, and complete many missions.
  6. Buy stocks.
  7. Buy stocks in small batches. Some people buy stocks in a quantity of 1 or 2 at a time. This is one way to get on the radar of many people and potentially increases your score. At the same time it can annoy people if you do it too much.
  8. Endorse people.

What other things do you do to increase your Empire Avenue scores?

A segment of a social network

A segment of a social network (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

Join EmpireAvenue. If you join for FREE using the link I have provided I will be credited (4000e) for your joining and you will also receive an additional amount of eaves.

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