How to Build Wealth on Empire Avenue Using Missions

8 May

When I start to write this post it was 8:42 pm. I finished writing and working on missions by 9:29 pm. I wrote this post while building wealth at the same time. I earned over 100,000 EAVES (that would cost US$20 to purchase in the Empire Avenue Store).

What are my goals for completing missions?

  1. Contacts. Make new contacts. Who should I friend? Who can I work with?
  2. Share content. Find excellent content to share to update my social network profiles.
  3. Build wealth.
  4. Eliminate noise. Mute people I am not interested in working with on Empire Avenue.

What I do for each mission I complete:

  1. Read it completely. I do not take on a mission that I am not willing to complete.
  2. Give it a “thumbs up”.
  3. Comment on every mission. Often this is a great way to connect with the individual who offered the mission.
  4. Mute” users who issue missions that I am not interested in performing. I do this so that I do not look at their missions again in the future. I want to focus on people who I am interested in. That is just me. I hope only people who find my stuff interesting engage with me.

Mission Types: I will not discuss them all. But, this will give you some ideas of the types of missions available and how you can approach them.

  1. FB love (2000 to 10,000 EAVES). These missions want you to review posts on Facebook. I look for missions like this from individuals who have content that I like to share. This gives me the opportunity to look at their content and post content to my Facebook page. If you do too many of these and like too much content I have heard of people getting placed in “like” jail where they cannot like anything for a few hours.
  2. Invest in my stock (1500 to 20,000 EAVES, ). These are great. Often people want to build the price of their stock. They will put up the eaves for you to invest. So free investments are always good. It just takes time.
  3. Watch my Youtube video (2000 EAVES). These can be a mixed bag. I do not want to endorse a product that I am not interested in or do not believe in. However, many of the videos are worth watching and I just look out for the people whose videos I find helpful.
  4. Follow me. Often people are looking to add friends on Facebook, Google +, Twitter, etc. Sometimes they will circle you back. For these missions I think it is a good idea to say something in the comments like if it is Facebook, say, anyone here can friend me on Facebook and I will accept the request.
  5. Visit my blog. Often there are no strings attached visit my blog. I will do these and not do anything unless I am comfortable with the content.
  6. Retweet. I need to set up a Twitter account and build it up some before I will do this. I will not take on missions and take advantage of anyone. So make sure you are not taking advantage of them either. It is a two way street.
  7. Comment on a picture. Similar to reviewing a page, but, these want you to comment on one specific post. Some of these are good and some should be avoided.

Missions I avoid:

  1. Install a program. I will not do a mission where a requirement is to install a program that wants to post to my Facebook wall or otherwise requires access.
  2. Share. I have no problem sharing content that I agree with, but, I will not share offers that I do notthink are a good deal. If I share something it is my endorsement. I do not want to set up my followers with a bad deal.
  3. Certain networks. I do not use some social networks. So I skip those missions.

While Writing this Article Here is what I did:

  1. Muted 1 person.
  2. Completed over a dozen missions.
  3. Added fresh content to Facebook.
  4. Wrote this blog post for WordPress.
  5. Earned over 100,000 EAVES (would cost US$20 to purchase).

Some comments that I posted when completing the missions:

  1. “Anyone here can friend request me and I will accept
  2. “Great mission for stock investing. If you buy some of my stock and shout on my wall and I will reciprocate.”
  3. When I invest in stock I usually say how many shares I bought in the comments.

Join EmpireAvenue. If you join for FREE using the link I have provided I will be credited (4000e) for your joining and you will also receive an additional amount of eaves.

If you enjoy my content please share it to one or more social networks using the share buttons below. Likes and Pluses are appreciated. Feel free to circle me on Google + or Facebook and ask me any questions there.


Italiano: versione ombreggiata e ingrandita de...

Italiano: versione ombreggiata e ingrandita del simboletto “like” di FB (Photo credit: Wikipedia)


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