The Types of Biographies on Empire Avenue

5 May
Hanging with Mr. Empire Avenue

Hanging with Mr. Empire Avenue (Photo credit: Jeff Hester)

There is no single secret to success. Likewise there is no single best format for a biography on Empire Avenue. You can pick and chose among many options as outlined below.

Styles of biographies of individuals in the leader boards of Empire Avenue include:

  1. Tipster – People who write a few hundred or more words providing advice on how they made it in the top 100. This is the biography that I am aiming for with my biography.
  2. Life story – People who provide their life story in sometimes excruciating detail and perhaps in 3rd person.
  3. Warning – People who tell you all the things not to do: Don’t friend me on Facebook. Don’t ask questions. Don’t be dumb.
  4. Inviting – People who tell you how to interact with with: Please friend me on Facebook. Please ask me questions in my community.
  5. Contacts – People who provide all their handles online and how to connect with them.
  6. Activist – People who have a cause that they are trying to promote: Animal Rights, Consumer Product Safety, you name it.
  7. Business – People who use Empire Avenue to help their business and who are willing to show exactly how they do it.
  8. All of the above – Some individuals include most of the information above all in well presented well written statement.
  9. Cut and paste artist – These biographies are where you can see that the individual copied and pasted their biography or promotional materials from another project. It might have a dozen or more links. But, the individual did not take any time to properly format it for their Empire Avenue biography.
  10. Minimalist – People who say 10 words or less. Often the individual will cover several of the above areas all in 10 words or less.

What style do you use in your biography?

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