Considerations For Responding to Shout Outs on Empire Avenue

25 Apr

Every action taken in response to a shout out should be something to either improve a relationship or cut off a possible relationship with someone on

For each shout out on my wall I try to do the following:

  1. Respond. Respond to everyone who left a shout out on my wall.
  2. Thumbs Up. This way I know I reviewed their shout out.It also lets them know I appreciate that they left a shout out.
  3. Visit. When appropriate click through to review the profile of the person who left the shout out. I should also look to read their bio.
  4. Mute. Anytime I visit someone’s
    Eric at Empire Avenue Event

    Eric at Empire Avenue Event (Photo credit: ThePitcher)

    page I should consider muting them. If they offer services that I 100% disagree with, then I mute them. This prevents me from having excess noise while in

  5. Invest. Consider investing in the individual. If the individual is someone that I want to have a close relationship with, then I really should invest in them.
  6. Interests. Look for common interests. What can I tell them so that they remember me? How can we work together?
  7. Contacts. Consider adding as a friend on Facebook or adding to Google + circles.
  8. Provide information. Decide what information I should include in a shout out to them. Is there some call for action that I need to ask them to take? Is there some thing I need to tell them?
  9. Learn. What can I learn from them?

Leave a comment on how you handle shout outs differently. What other things should I consider when answering shout outs?

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