9 Things You Can Do For Me That Will Also Benefit You

24 Apr

To be successful in EmpireAvenue.com you need to let people know how they can help you and WHY that is in their best interest. I am easy to work with, so if you are as well we can go far together.  Here is a list of things that I can ask people to do for me and why they should do it for me. Feel free to copy and paste all this data and plug in your details.

  1. Join EmpireAvenue. If you join for FREE using the link I have provided I will be credited (4000e) for your joining and you will also receive an additional amount of eaves.
  2. Endorse. Endorse my blog and I will review to endorse yours in return.
  3. Community. Join my community Social Mavens. The goal of Social Mavens is #1 networking, #2 empire avenue tips and tricks, #3 have fun.
  4. Connect on Facebook and I will friend you back.
  5. Google +. Circle each other.
  6. Image representing Klout as depicted in CrunchBase

    Image via CrunchBase

    Blogs. Share each other’s blogs. Endorse each other’s blog.

  7. Share my content. If you enjoy my content please share it to one or more social networks using the share buttons below. Likes and Pluses are appreciated. Feel free to circle me on Google + or Facebook and ask me any questions the
  8. Steal my content. Feel free to copy and use anything that I post if it can help you with EmpireAvenue.com or anything else.  When people benefit from something I did it makes me feel good. I do not need anyone to give me credit for anything that I wrote up. Of course if I quote someone else you should attribute thoughts to that person.
  9. Shout out to me. When you shout out you can let me know if you have done any of the above so that I can reciprocate. Also anytime you shout out to me it helps your score on EmpireAvenue.

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