30 Top Communities in EmpireAvenue.com for Tips. Part III (O to Z)

18 Apr
Empire Avenue: Facebook Fan Page Request for P...

Empire Avenue: Facebook Fan Page Request for Permission (Photo credit: kristiewells)

This is a continuation of descriptions of communities on EmpireAvenue.com. For 20 other EmpireAvenue.com communities check my prior two posts.

My community Social Mavens is just starting. The goal of Social Mavens is #1 networking, #2 empire avenue tips and tricks, #3 have fun.

Items in quotes are how the community describes itself.

The following communities are all very inactive. But, you might want to check one or more out based on the subject matter or to find people with similar interests:

  1. REDDIT Industries (37 members) “For users, lurkers, and trolls of Reddit.com.” Pretty inactive.
  2. Simply WordPress (147 members)  “WordPress guru’s please stand up… Even if you’re just thinking about WordPress you’re welcome to join in. Bloggers, designers, developers, entrepreneurs and the curious.”
  3. Pinterest. (157 members) “This community is for anyone who uses Pinterest or is curious about how this addictive social site can grow your social network or benefit your brand.”
  4. Pinterest. (63members)
  5. Pinterest, PinnOpps & MikeLike. (137 members)
  6. Social Mavens (3 members) I just formed it.
  7. tumblr (155 members) For [worldwide] fans of the NYC-based microblogging service.
  8. Twitter (1345 Members) “A Community Group for everyone with a Twitter account!”
  9. Web Development (350 members)  This is a community for all Web Developers. Large & small, meak & mighty… Networking, news-sharing, job seeking and recruiting,
  10. Zods Army (237 members) Membership requested.

Join EmpireAvenue. If you join for FREE using the link I have provided I will be credited (4000e) for your joining and you will also receive an additional amount of eaves.

If you enjoy my content please share it to one or more social networks using the share buttons below. Likes and Pluses are appreciated. Feel free to circle me on Google + or Facebook and ask me any questions there.


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