30 Top Communities in EmpireAvenue.com for Tips. Part II (F to N)

16 Apr
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This is a continuation of descriptions of communities on EmpireAvenue.com.

I will provide the Name of the community a link to the community and a sentence or two describing the community. I am covering them in Alphabetic order. Except for one community – my community Social Mavens. I am doing this because 97% of the communities lack content and this will make it easier for you to find excellent content.

Items in quotes are how the community describes itself.

  1. Facebook Business (60 members) A place to share business pages with other operators of Facebook business pages.
  2. Flickr Avenue (595 members) “A place on the Avenue for Flickr fans to connect.”
  3. Google (127 members) Find people to circle on Google +.
  4. Google (718 members) Fairly active community. “Find others to connect with on Google+ and discuss its features!”
  5. Instagram 2.0 (322 members) Instagram users on EmpireAvenue.com.
  6. Kim’s Group (100 members) I requested to join this private community.
  7. LinkedIn (331 members) “This group is for those interested in what LinkedIn does and how it helps your network. There are “pinned” topics specified for common posts such as listing your LinkedIn url, a topic for new member greetings and a place to chit-chat.”
  8. Mission Control (240 members) Request to join sent. “Mission Control is… A community to enjoy and have fun, while building lasting relationships on the Avenue and beyond! MISC is open to everyone. Simply request to join and we will send you your invite.”
  9. Missionistas (451 Members) I sent a request to join. “The Missionista community is a “Fair Trade” community of people who always endeavour to fully complete missions according to the mission owners written requests. This community was initially created to reward people who had been actively”
  10. Network Marketing (72 Members) “An open forum for like minded professional networkers to share with and learn from one another.”If you have any suggestions for Facebook groups please make them in the comments. Those will be featured in a future post.

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