30 Top Communities in EmpireAvenue.com for Tips. Part I (A to F)

15 Apr
Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology

Journal of Community and Applied Social Psychology (Photo credit: Wikipedia)

The interface for finding communities on EmpireAvenue.com leaves much to be desired. I decided to work my way through the list of 3500 or so communities so that I could point out the top 1% of communities discussing EmpireAvenue.com tips. In this series I will outline the best communities that you should join in EmpireAvenue.com. I ignored the 97% of the communities that had 5 or less members. A future series will look at EmpireAvenue.com communities on Facebook.

I also avoided most of the interest groups (people who raise chickens in their back yards, etc.).  This series is intended to provide a brief introduction to communities that I found that have value. I spent hours to find communities that I wanted to interact with. Once you join a handful of communities you will see their value.

I will provide the name of the community a link to the community the current number of members and a sentence or two describing the community. I am covering them in Alphabetic order. Except for one community – my community Social Mavens.

Items in quotes are how the community describes itself.

  1. Art (e)JONAK “200 Share” Private Investing Club (1335 members) To join this community you have to already own 200 shares in JONAK. “Find Empire Avenue tips, networking with influencers, and ‘timely’ hot stock picks inside.” Mostly this community discusses new available stocks to purchase.
  2. Buy Me (1584 members)  “This is a place to ask people to buy you, to do stock swaps, to endorse your blogs, to connect with you on other networks. Self promotion is encouraged, but be smart about it. Being excessive is frowned upon.”
  3. EAv Gangstas (378 members) This is a great very active group. It delivers on it’s promise of being a, “Super Friendly Community aiming to Boost your Experience and Performances on Empire Avenue in Record Times while having Fun!”
  4. Empire Avenue General Discussion (234 members) “This is a community for discussing Empire Avenue related-anything with passionate Empire Avenue community members and staff.” The CEO is in there regularly and is open to answering any questions.
  5. Empire Avenue Tips, Touts & Tutorials – (Requested to join)
  6. Empire Avenue on 10 Minutes a Day Plan (64 members) Run by Kitty Hawk who provided excellent advice to me in a shout out. The community says, “Had problems getting EA to work for you, well don’t fret. I guarantee it will, have to carefully follow directions.”
  7. Empire Avenue and Social Media Tips for Business FB Group by (e)cyndeehaydon and (e)michaelqtodd (343 members) Join and read the top five posts that are pinned at the top. After that there is nothing to see.
  8. Endorsements Hut (174 members) “Need endorsements for your blogs ? Just list down your blogs… If you are looking for ways to increase your Empire Avenue activity, check out the members list and start endorsing their blogs :)”
  9. Facebook (167 members) A place to find people who want to add friends on Facebook.
  10. Facebook (565 members)

Join EmpireAvenue. If you join for FREE using the link I have provided I will be credited (4000e) for your joining and you will also receive an additional amount of eaves.

If you enjoy my content please share it to one or more social networks using the share buttons below. Likes and Pluses are appreciated. Feel free to circle me on Google + or Facebook and ask me any questions there.


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