11 Tips for Empire Avenue Beginners

15 Apr

Join EmpireAvenue. If you join for FREE using the link I have provided I will be credited (4000e) for your joining and you will also receive an additional amount of eaves.


Wealth (Photo credit: alexjtam)

Some Basic Advice for Beginners Here

  1. Use a profile picture. The picture on the right caught you eye, didn’t it? See pictures work. Use them.
  2. Buy stocks based on a strategy. Later I will outline many strategies in an article. For now know that you need a strategy. Research options. Many empire Avenue people have outlines strategies.
  3. Focus on increased wealth. At some point you will want to spend money by sending people on missions. But, it takes time to build wealth unless you break open your piggy bank. Once you have wealth you can grow more wealth.
  4. Understand missions before creating them. Look at missions to see what you think are good and bad about them. This can help you create good missions down the road. Keep a document with things you see other missions performing well so that you can copy what they do.
  5. Learn from your mistakes. You will overspend on some stocks. You will accept a mission you can’t complete. You will make many other mistakes.
  6. Ask questions. There are many helpful people on the Avenue.
  7. Join communities. Many of your questions are already answered there. There are communities on Facebook for Empire Avenue and there are also communities within Empire Avenue itself.
  8. Create a daily “to do” list. Every day you should do some things. Create  a list of must do and things that you will do if you have time. I will publish an article with my to do list.
  9. Read about Empire Avenue. There are many blogs that discuss Empire Avenue. Read several of them and you will obtain a wealth of information about Empire Avenue.
  10. Interact with people in Empire Avenue. Find people who have similar interests. People who are willing to work with you. People whose content you like and who also like your content. These are the people who can help you grow and who you can help grow. Because they are part of Empire Avenue they are also more likely to engage with you.
  11. Reciprocity. When someone from Empire Avenue engages with you make sure to engage back with them. This will put the ball back in their court. If they reciprocate back again, then it could be the start of a long helpful relationship for both sides.

OK. There are many other helpful tips. But, that is enough for now. We will cover more ground in upcoming posts.

Join EmpireAvenue. If you join for FREE using the link I have provided I will be credited (4000e) for your joining and you will also receive an additional amount of eaves.

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